Science and Engineering Fair-Website

UPDATE 12/20/2018:

Reminders and Deadline
Before students leave for Christmas break they must complete the Registration form if they intend to participate.  There are two different forms: K-4 grades, and 5th-6th grade. DUE today (Thursday, 12/20).

Come to an after school meet-up this Thursday in the library if your child needs help with anything related to their projects.
Recently the University of Utah provided us with a list of rules and guidelines to follow that are slightly different than what we originally shared.  Please review the updated information with your child.  One key difference is even though it is discouraged, students can bring in things other than their display boards (and notebooks/packets where applicable) as long as they follow the rules described under the Review the Rules section (Item 8 Things NOT to do) on the Viewmont Science Fair website (see link above).