Community Council 2017-2018

Dear Parents,

This year, Viewmont Elementary was allocated $54,000 from the Trust Lands funds. The Community Council decides how to use this money to best impact student learning through the writing and approval of the School Improvement Plan. The Community Council is made up of parents, teachers, other school staff, and the principal. Community Councils also discuss, and make decisions relating to student safety, character education, and how to create a positive school environment.

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings. The following is our proposed meeting schedule for this year.

Meeting Schedule
When: 1st Wednesday of the month, at 3:15 pm
Where: Library

All meeting agendas will be posted on the webpage one week prior to the meeting. Minutes will be posted within a week of the meeting. Minutes and agendas can be found by clicking directly on the date of the meeting.


Viewmont Community Council Members 2017-2018:

Member Name Email Role
Kimberly Crandall Chair (Parent)
Julie Dansie Vice Chair (Parent)
Matt Nelson Principal
Anne Renz School Employee
Jessica Felt School Employee
Sunshine Szedeli Parent
Teresa Koontz Parent
Mary Jo Ballou Parent
Jamie Cheney Parent
Kevin O’Brien Parent
Ashley Nelson Parent

The following is a summary of the School Improvement Plan from the 2016/2017 School Year and how much money was spent in trying to meet each goal. Each goal has statement of what the goal was and then a statement about what actually happened during the year as the school tried to implement the goal.

Goal #1: Amount Spent on this goal: $21,200

Increase students’ overall Reading proficiency in grades K – 6 by providing research and evidence based Tier II and Tier III interventions during the 2016-17 school year. Viewmont Elementary will increase SAGE Language Arts scores from 31% proficient to 36% proficient in 4th Grade, 46% proficient to 53% proficient in 5th grade, 37% proficient to 45% proficient in 6th grade. All grade levels will have 90% of their students scoring Benchmark on the DIBELS Next Reading Assessment by the End of the Year.

What Happened:  All of the action steps identified in this Plan were achieved and will continue to be implemented in upcoming years. Writing was especially successful as teachers implemented the same graphic organizers across grade levels, administered writing prompts at the same time and analyzed the writing data as a team and then as a school during school wide PLCs. EADMS was used with fidelity even though the district used iReady as a resource and teachers used EADMS with fidelity, thus using data to drive instruction and Tier 2 intervention groupings, especially during Math.

Goal #2 : Amount spent on this goal $19,500

Increase students’ conceptual proficiency and procedural fluency in Math in grade K-6 by providing research and evidence-based Tier II and Tier III supports and interventions during the 2016-17 school year. Viewmont Elementary will increase on SAGE assessments as follows: 33% to 43% in 4th Grade, 48% to 52% in 5th Grade, 32% to 40% in 6th Grade. EADMS assessments will be used to progress monitoring mastery of each standard.

What happened:  Paraprofessionals were used during Tier II Math block for all grade levels to support small group instruction. Professional development was not provided on a consistent basis for the paraprofessionals. EADMS was purchased to assist in test management and data analysis. CGI was not able to be provided with fidelity. Teachers targeted Essential Standards and continued to work on Learning Targets and DoK Questions and tasks during Tier I instruction.

Viewmont Elementary achieved an “A” grade from the state of Utah. To learn more about the school grading and how Viewmont achieved an “A” grade, visit This is a high achieving school and the money from Community Council is being spend wisely and is focused on increasing student achievement. To learn more about how the money is spent and to have your voice heard please consider attending School Community Council meetings.

Best Regards,

Matt Nelson
Principal, Viewmont Elementary